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The best military backpack for your workout

Disappointed that there is no sports backpack on the market that also has something to offer visually, we took on the project of designing a backpack ourselves, which not only looks absolutely great but is also super functional. As a starting point, we took a classic military backpack and optimized it with our designers in such a way that the backpack can be used well in all areas of everyday life. We didn't just want to make a big compartment and bring the Military Backpack onto the market. It was important to us that you can organize your everyday life with sports, hiking, biking, etc. in such a way that you can find your way around easily. What we also wanted were some cool features that allow the buyer to customize their backpack to their own preferences. For example, through various Velcro patches or snap hooks etc.

military backpackmilitary backpack

The Gym Generation Military Backpack is the most versatile backpack on the gym market. The military backpack is made of high-quality polyester for maximum resilience. The material is splash-water and tear-resistant so that the backpack can withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

The backpack in the color has four main compartments, which allow you to optimally organize your daily routine. On the back we have integrated a "secret compartment" for important documents or your tablet. You can attach your drinking bottle to the front and sides of the backpack with a carabiner, for example.

military backpackmilitary backpack

The highlight of the fitness backpack are the Velcro patches, which you can attach according to your own taste. Two patches are included. 1x the Spartan logo and 1x the lettering "Warrior". Of course, other patches can also be attached, which you can also buy from us in the shop.

Our sports backpack has been tested to the limit and even withstands a multi-day hiking trip. The ergonomically designed and adjustable compression straps ensure comfortable carrying.

Suitable for hand luggage: 48 cm x 34 cm x 29 cm

The "Warrior" Military Backpack can carry:

  • A pair of shoes
  • 17'' laptop
  • big towel
  • Two outfits
  • Beverage bottle attached with carabiner, for example
  • camera
  • snacks
  • Sleeping bag attached to the outer straps
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