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Training with a weight lifting belt - you absolutely have to know that!

Why do you need a belt when training with weights?

In addition to sports gloves and wrist bandages for weight training, the accessories also include weight lifting belts or so-called lifting belts. These are mainly worn when lifting heavy weights. For example deadlifts or squats.

Thanks to such a sports training belt, the back is ideally supported, among other things. It supports your back during your training and thus extremely reduces the risk of injury. So if you want to make your strength training even more professional, you should definitely wear a training belt during training.

Why should you wear a training belt?

Many coaches and athletes still have the outdated belief that wearing a weightlifting belt weakens the lower back and neglects core stability.

However, more recent observations have shown that there is nothing to this myth and that the belt only helps to use the trunk muscles more effectively and can reduce the compression of the intervertebral discs. Thus, it is clearly shown that wearing a training belt reduces stress on the spine.

A weight lifting belt stabilizes your spine. Especially when training with heavy weights, the risk of injury is massively reduced due to better stabilization of the spine under high stress.

Thanks to the improved stabilization, you can use more weight for exercises such as deadlifts or squats.

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