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Lifting Straps for better muscle stimulation

Find out everything you need to know about lifting straps

Pulling aids are an important part of performance-oriented strength training, especially in bodybuilding and fitness training. They consist of wide bands with hooks or loops that attach to the wrist and aid in grip strength.

Especially with heavy weights, it is often the forearm and hand muscles that tire first. Lifting aids can help relieve muscle strain and increase grip strength, especially when lifting heavy barbells. They are particularly suitable for exercises such as deadlifts, which often involve lifting more than twice your own body weight, and they secure the dumbbell in your hands.

Pulling aids or so-called lifting straps have become indispensable in weight training. Especially with deadlifts or deadlifts with heavy weights, they can provide extreme support and help to stimulate the muscles.

Read in this blog why you should also use pulling aids during training.

Which Lifting Straps models are there?

Good quality straps are usually made of cotton or nylon and have padding in the wrist area. The lifting aids are then looped around the wrist and the long end is wrapped around the barbell two to three times. Gym Generation Lifting Straps also have a grip on the straps so that the weight stays in place even better.

Recently there have also been pulling aids with metal hooks on the market. These also have padding in the wrist area and an attached metal hook that makes it even easier to hang up the barbell. The hands are almost completely relieved with this form of pulling aids.

In which exercises are Lifting Straps used?

Pulling aids are a flexible and useful strength training tool that can be used in many different pulling exercises. Although the deadlift is the most popular exercise to use pulleys, they can also be used on other exercises like pull-ups, neck raises, chin pulls, bicep curls, and rows.

A pull aid is the perfect addition to heavy training sets and allows the muscles to be stimulated even more effectively. By relieving your forearms and hands, you can use heavier weights and take your training to the next level. They provide more intensity and allow you to reach your goals faster.

When should I use Lifting Straps in weightlifting?

Pulling aids are very popular with advanced strength athletes or those who want to become one.

Above a certain weight when performing deadlifts or barbell rows, the grip strength in the wrists decreases. But to improve in the gym, you need constant, long-term overload. The weight slips out of your hands even though a few more repetitions should actually be possible.

With the use of traction aids, the wrists are relieved and you work more with your forearm. So you can increase your repetitions with a heavier weight, which in turn leads to more muscle stimulation.

What are the advantages of Lifting Straps during training?

  • Pulling aids allow you to handle more repetitions and heavier weights thanks to improved grip strength.
  • Doing more reps or heavier weights, in turn, leads to more muscle stimulation. Muscle growth is accelerated.
  • Since the wrist is relieved by the traction aids, injuries can be prevented.
  • By using lifting aids, the weight can no longer slip out of your hands so quickly during lifting exercises.
  • Pulling aids are cheap to buy and usually have a long service life.

Where can I find good and inexpensive Lifting Straps?

Fitness pull aids are a great addition to your workout and there are many ways to get them cheaply from Gym Generation's online store. Gym Generation offers a wide range of lifting aids at affordable prices to suit every budget. We have a wide range of different resistance levels, sizes and materials, so you can choose the perfect pull aid for you.

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