Collection: Gym Wrist Wraps and Bandages

Wrist Wraps for more stability and protection during fitness training

Do you want to avoid inflammation or injuries despite intensive fitness training? Then fitness bandages are an essential training aid for you!

Fitness wrist wraps are often used by weightlifters and other athletes who put a lot of stress on their wrists, such as powerlifters, bodybuilders, and CrossFit enthusiasts . In strength athletes, the wrists are very sensitive to incorrect loading. With wrist bandages or so-called wrist wraps you can easily counteract this problem. In addition, you can train much more controlled and harder with bandages. Wrist wraps give your wrist protection, support and the necessary stability to give 100% in weight training. With sports bandages you relieve your joints and give your muscles more strength during training.

Wrist wraps are usually made from a stretchy, durable material like nylon or cotton and have a Velcro closure that allows for a customizable fit.

Anyone who trains with heavy weights inevitably puts strain on their wrists. Wrist bandages therefore belong in every sports bag of a fitness and strength athlete. Pressing exercises such as the bench press, neck press, and tricep exercises create tremendous pressure on joints, tendons, and ligaments. For this reason, wearing fitness bandages during training should simply be an automatic part of it.

In addition to providing support, wrist wraps also help improve overall lift form and technique by keeping the wrist in a neutral position and preventing it from bending too far forward or backward. This can help ensure the weight is lifted correctly and efficiently, which can lead to better results and improved performance.

In the Gym Generation online shop you will find wrist bandages in different styles. Our sports wrist bandages have already been successfully used by thousands of strength athletes during training.