Collection: Fitness accessories

Anyone pursuing the goal of a sporty and well-trained body needs the right sports products and the right fitness accessories.

In the Gym Generation online shop, you will find a large selection of fitness accessories that can help you with your training.

Which fitness accessories do you actually need?

Anyone who trains a lot knows the aching hands and inflamed wrists after the workout. This problem can easily be avoided by using fitness gloves or so-called wrist bandages . These protect your palms and also give you more support and grip during strength training or training on the bar.

In addition to the sports gloves, a weight lifting belt or training belt is sometimes advisable . These are mainly worn when lifting heavy weights. Thanks to such a sports training belt, the back is ideally supported, among other things. It gives your training optimal support and thus extremely reduces the risk of injury.

But there are other utensils, such as a spacious sports bag , a high-quality sports towel or so-called pulling aids for advanced strength athletes, which should not be missing. These lifting straps help you get the most out of your workout. Because the use of pulling aids means that the weight can no longer slip out of your hand during all pulling exercises and allows you to cope with more repetitions thanks to improved grip strength.

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