Collection: Weightlifting Belt

Take your training to the next level with a weight lifting belt from Gym Generation

In addition to sports gloves and wrist bandages for weight training, the accessories also include hip belts and weight lifting belts. These are mainly worn when lifting heavy weights. For example deadlifts or squats.

Thanks to such a sports training belt, the back is ideally supported, among other things. It gives your training optimal support and thus extremely reduces the risk of injury. So if you want to make your strength training even more professional, you should definitely wear a training belt during training.

Why should you use one when training? Use weight lifting belt?

Heavy weight support

A weight lifting belt can provide support when lifting heavy weights by supporting your back and relieving stress on your spine. This can help prevent injury and make training safer.

improvement of posture

A weight lifting belt can help improve posture during exercise by straightening your back and keeping your spine straight. This can be especially beneficial for exercises like deadlifts and squats.

Promote core stability

By providing back support, weight lifting belts can help improve core stability. This, in turn, can help improve exercise performance and prevent injury

Training belt made of leather or neoprene?

Weight lifting belts made of leather offer you the greatest stability and are also very durable. Neoprene belts offer a little less stability than leather, but are more flexible and offer better wearing comfort. Thus, neoprene fitness belts are a good alternative to leather and are often used in the fitness area. Leather weight lifting belts are more commonly used in strength training or powerlifting with very heavy weights.

The training belts from Gym Generation convince with high-quality materials, excellent wearing comfort and their unique design. In our fitness online shop you will find weight lifting belts in different versions and designs at a great price.