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Arm Blaster - Isolator for bicep training

Arm Blaster - Isolator for bicep training

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The Arm Blaster from Gym Generation is made of high-quality steel and is ideal for effective bicep training. It serves as a support for your upper arms and prevents the typical deflection that often occurs when training biceps. The bicep blaster is perfect for isolating the bicep muscles during your arm workout.

The Arm Blaster has a practical neck pad that prevents annoying cutting into the neck. The quick-release fastener allows easy adjustment to any body size, and the blaster's curvature ensures a perfect fit. Comfortable neoprene pads protect your arms and elbows and offer a comfortable upper arm support.

How do I properly train with an Arm Blaster?

The Arm Blaster supports you with your bicep curls by supporting your elbows. So you can train your arms in isolation without working with momentum. Counter-pressure on the triceps isolates the arm and the force required to perform the exercise must come from the biceps. This works best with an SZ bar or a barbell and is so effective because you draw all the strength from the biceps.

  • The Arm Blaster is made of high quality steel and is virtually indestructible.
  • No annoying cutting into the neck thanks to the practical neck pad.
  • The quick-release fastener allows easy adjustment to any body size.
  • The bicep blaster fits perfectly thanks to its curvature.
  • Comfortable neoprene pads have been attached for a comfortable upper arm support and protect your arms and elbows.

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