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Booty Tape | Fitness Resistance Band - Grey

Booty Tape | Fitness Resistance Band - Grey

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The Booty Band from Gym Generation is perfect for use in the gym or for your home workout.

Often referred to as booty bands or resistance bands, the bands are ideal for training your buttocks and legs.

With the help of a fitness waist band, it is possible to further intensify the training of the thigh muscles. For example in connection with squats and jumps. The tension keeps the legs in an even tighter position and the training effect increases.

Whether you're on the go or traveling, you can train anytime, anywhere with our booty bands!

The circumference of our fitness resistance band for women is 76 cm. This range is medium in terms of intensity and therefore ideal for all workouts. The resistance bands are 8 cm wide.

  • A booty band is included.
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