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Women's Fitness Gloves - Light Rose

Women's Fitness Gloves - Light Rose

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If you train a lot, you probably know the unpleasant feeling of aching hands and inflamed wrists after a workout. In particular, lifting dumbbells and training on the pull-up bar can cause your palms to become rough and painful.

Our light pink fitness gloves for women offer a simple solution to this problem. They protect your palms from injuries and offer additional support and grip during strength training.

The practical Velcro fastener over the wrist allows you to individually adjust the width of the gloves and ensure a tight fit. So you can concentrate fully on your training and don't have to worry about aching hands and wrists.

The fitness gloves for women are available in light pink and are made of high-quality materials. They are comfortable to wear and offer you optimal support during strength training. Get your fitness gloves now and train more effectively and comfortably than ever before!

  • Hand wash only
  • Delivered in a practical Beach ZIP bag.

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