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Gym Wrist Wraps

Gym Wrist Wraps

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Sports wrist wraps are an important piece of equipment for many strength athletes and bodybuilders, especially those who train with heavy weights. The bandages serve to stabilize the wrists and protect them from injuries.

Weightlifting, powerlifting and other forms of weight training can put a lot of strain on the wrists. When wrists are not properly supported, injuries such as sprains or even fractures can occur.

Fitness wrist wraps offer a simple and effective solution to this problem. They are wrapped around the wrist and fastened with Velcro. Our bandages also feature a thumb loop to prevent slipping.

By wearing wrist wraps, strength athletes and bodybuilders can stabilize their wrists and reduce the risk of injury. The bandages also make it possible to lift heavier weights and make the workout more intense.

  • Length: 25cm
  • Two bandages are included in delivery

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