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Weight lifting belt with Velcro

Weight lifting belt with Velcro

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The Sport Weightlifting Belt from Gym Generation is an essential accessory for all strength athletes who work with heavy weights. Made from durable neoprene rubber, it offers a tough and durable construction that will stand up to intense workouts.

Particularly noteworthy is the padded back piece in the lumbar region, which provides optimal support for the spine with high weight loads. This prevents injuries, especially when doing squats, powerlifting and deadlifts.

The training belt in black is designed to support the athlete's performance by providing a stable foundation for his movements. This achieves maximum efficiency during training. In addition, the belt helps to improve posture during exercise while activating the abdominal muscles.

Thanks to the high wearing comfort and the perfect fit, the weight lifting belt from Gym Generation is a must for every strength athlete who wants to train seriously. It provides excellent back support, helping to prevent injury and boosting confidence in your workout.

The right size can be determined by measuring your waist circumference at the height of the navel.

Size S: for a waist circumference of 80cm to 90cm
Size M: for a waist measurement from 90cm to 100cm
Size L: for a waist measurement from 100cm to 110cm
Size XL: for a waist measurement from 110cm to 120cm

  • Size adjustable with Velcro
  • 85% neoprene rubber / 10% nylon / 5% metal

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