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Gym Generation

Sport Weightlifting Belt - Beige

Sport Weightlifting Belt - Beige

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An important piece of fitness equipment is the weight lifting belt . A weight lifting belt supports training with heavy weights and protects the spine. Due to the increased stabilization of the spine under high loads, the risk of injury is massively reduced.

The Gym Generation weightlifting belt is made of durable leather and is ideal for strength training with heavy weights. The padded back piece in the lumbar vertebrae area provides additional stabilization and support for the spine with high weight loads, such as squats, powerlifting or deadlifts.

The belt is available in different sizes and can be individually adjusted to the needs of the wearer. Decorated with the Gym Generation logo, the belt not only offers optimal stability, but is also a fashion accessory for every fitness enthusiast.

A weight lifting belt is an essential tool for anyone who works out regularly in the gym or lifts weights at home. Proper use of the belt can reduce the risk of injury and increase performance. The Gym Generation weight lifting belt is the perfect choice for anyone looking for quality, reliable equipment for their workout.

The right size can be determined by measuring your waist circumference at the height of the navel.

Size S: for a waist circumference of 63cm to 81cm
Size M: for a waist measurement from 73cm to 91cm
Size L: for a waist measurement from 83cm to 101cm
Size XL: for a waist measurement from 93cm to 111cm

The width of the lumbar padding in the back area is approx. 10 cm

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