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Premium leather dip belt with steel chain

Premium leather dip belt with steel chain

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Take your strength training to the next level with the Gym Generation Dip Belt. The belt is made of high-quality cowhide leather, which is strong and durable to provide reliable security even under heavy weights.

This dip belt is ideal for exercises such as tricep dips, pull-ups and hip belt squats, as it allows for a higher load capacity, making the workout more intense. By adding weights using the dip belt, you can train your muscles more effectively and make faster progress.

The adjustable design of the dip belt ensures that it fits comfortably and securely around the waist. So you can fully concentrate on your exercises without having to worry about the belt slipping.

If you're looking to take your bodyweight workouts to the next level, the Gym Generation Dip Belt is an excellent choice. This fitness accessory is durable, comfortable and allows you to reach your full potential.

When do you need a dip belt?

Every athlete comes to a point during their training when their own body weight is no longer sufficient for exercises such as dips or pull-ups. The Gym Generation dip belt is made for when your own body weight is no longer sufficient for dips or pull-ups.

How to use a dip belt?

  1. The dip belt is first placed around the waist and fastened with the carabiner.
  2. Then you hang any weight discs on the steel chain, which is then secured again on the carabiner.
  3. Due to the higher weight, which is now hanging on you, the muscle stimulation is increased during dips or pull-ups.

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