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Molon Labe Spartan Patch - Navy

Molon Labe Spartan Patch - Navy

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The "Molon Labe - Come and get it!" Patch is a high-quality Velcro patch that features the well-known Spartan helmet logo. The patch can be quickly and easily attached to the backpack thanks to the practical Velcro fastener.

The patch not only gives your backpack a unique look, but also stands for a strong message. The words "Molon Labe" mean "come and get them" in Greek, and were uttered by Leonidas I of Sparta when he faced the Persians. This statement is symbolic of the unwavering courage and determination of the Spartans.

Order this patch and other favorite patches online and create your very own military backpack that is not only functional, but also unique and meaningful.

The Velcro patch has the dimensions: 8cm x 8cm

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