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Gym Generation

Training gloves for fitness and bodybuilding

Training gloves for fitness and bodybuilding

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Anyone who trains a lot knows the aching hands and inflamed wrists after the workout. Especially when lifting dumbbells and training with the pull-up bar, the palm of the hand can quickly become rough.

This problem can easily be avoided by using fitness gloves. These protect your palms and also give you more support and grip during strength training.

Our fitness gloves have integrated wrist bandages, which protect the palms as well as the wrists. This combination is highly valued by many strength athletes.

Improve your grip strength when grabbing weights and barbells with Gym Generation's training gloves.

The integrated wrist bandages also support you when training with heavy weights.

With the practical Velcro fastener over the wrist, you can adjust the width of the gloves and ensure a tight fit.

  • Hand wash only
  • 45% rubber / 30% nylon / 10% foam / 10% synthetic leather / 5% elastic material

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