Collection: Gym Lifting Straps

Gym Generation lifting straps for tough workouts.

If you push your limits during training, you will eventually notice that your grip strength is slacking and you no longer have any strength in your wrists. This is especially common with heavy deadlifts, rowing exercises, or pull-ups.

This is where the fitness pulling aids from Gym Generation come into play. Our lifting straps help you get the most out of your workout. Because the use of pulling aids means that the weight can no longer slip out of your hand during all pulling exercises and allows you to cope with more repetitions thanks to improved grip strength. This in turn leads to a higher muscle stimulus and muscle building is accelerated!

Why should I use lifting straps for strength training?

  1. By using lifting straps, heavy weights can no longer slip out of your hand so easily.

  2. By using lifting straps, you can move more weight. You have a stronger training stimulus and achieve greater muscle growth.

  3. By using traction aids, you relieve your wrists and thus protect your joints.

  4. Pulling aids are a cheap purchase and they usually last a very long time.

In our online shop you will find classic lifting straps with wrist bandages and lifting aids with steel hooks. Convince yourself and order Lifting Straps from Gym Generation for even more control and success in your strength training.