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Gym Generation

Viking Vegvísir compass patch

Viking Vegvísir compass patch

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The Vegvísir Compass Patch is a meaningful and powerful accessory that will make your Gym Generation Backpack a unique and personal item. Once an important signpost for Vikings at sea, the symbol of the Vegvísir now stands for protection, guidance and guidance.

The patch's design features the Vegvísir symbol in its traditional form, made up of runes. It is a symbol of navigation and protection, designed to help you find your way and keep you on course.

With its Velcro fastener, the patch can be quickly and easily attached to your backpack and is a way of personalizing your backpack and giving it an individual touch.

The Vegvísir compass patch is a quality accessory, made of durable material that will retain its colors and shapes over time. It is a symbol of protection and guidance that can accompany you on your journeys.

Give your Gym Generation Backpack extra meaning and power with this powerful Vegvísir compass patch.

The Velcro patch has a diameter of 8 cm

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